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January 29, 2004 by mittens
I like this whole top-ten thing. Time for another. Unlike the last list, though, these are actually real suggestions. I will, however, be omitting the blatently obvious programs (Outlook, Word, Visual Studio, WinRAR, etc.)
WindowBlinds - Maybe not entirely practical, it is the single best desktop skinning software around.
metapad - Fuck notepad, metapad is where it's at. This is my favorite text-editor EVER.
Samurize - At first glance, it's just another piece of desktop mod'ing software. Howe...
January 28, 2004 by mittens
In spite of the recent girl troubles, I was granted the mysterious powers of creativity, and thus, have created a badly-organized, not well thought-out, and... well... yeah, read it anyway. Or I'll send syntacs after you. And you should fear him, and his supreme misspelling of "syntax."
Girls dig guys that mod their desktops.We all know that Windows machines like their desktops to be spiffy, original, thought-provoking, complex, and overly-functional. And a happy Windows machine, is a Windows m...