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November 5, 2008 by mittens

The game I've been working on since I started at Stardock more than a year and a half ago has finally been announced. The game's official site is at and it contains several screenshots and pieces of concept art.

Elemental is due out in February 2010.


And it's going to be absolutely rad.

March 2, 2006 by mittens
Since this is the first time I've done this in a while, let me just get this out of the way: when I say "review," I don't mean it like all the big, bad game journalists do. When I review a game I look at some of key components of it. I also discuss some of the flaws of the game. At some point, I'll write a few conclusive paragraphs and, then when you get to the end of this article, what you're going to find is a line break and then nothing. What you won't find is a single, definitive statement o...
February 4, 2006 by mittens
Alright, alright, yeah, yeah, my list is the new and fair more unknown Duke Nukem Forever. There, I made the obvious joke. Burn in hell. Civilization 4 -- Publisher: 2K Games, Developer: Firaxis Anyone who's anyone knew that Civilization 4 was going to end up on this list. The only question was whether or not it would take the number one spot -- and, just for the record, it didn't. It was a close call between this and numero uno, but let me tell you, them monkeys I had tied up in my closet d...