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New Look for
Published on March 30, 2008 By mittens In Websites

Usually, when I redesign my site, I choose a theme and then overhaul the CSS/Formatting to fit my needs and, generally, to remove the fixed-width nature of most Wordpress themes. This time, that’s not the case. The new theme, designed by Design Disease struck me as being so completely perfect for what I was looking for in a design and the color palette is nothing short of superb. At some point in time in the next week or two I’m going to look into getting a custom logo next to the text at the top of the page but, really, other than that I am absolutely in love with this design.

As of this iteration of, I’m also taking the site in a new direction. Since I am, essentially, everywhere, I’m going to start linking to things I write/post elsewhere instead of just cheaply mirroring the content here. I will still use this main page for things but, for the most part, I’m done mirroring articles across all three of the primary places I write (Polycat,, and JoeUser). My goal is to fill the sidebars to the right with as much oft-updating information as I can to keep this site updated regularly, so over the next few days I hope to remove the Categories/Archives bits in the sidebar and replace them with useful RSS headlines. The gallery also received a hefty upgrade. I’m keeping the original Gallery in its old place so none of the articles here and elsewhere which link to its contents will have broken images, but this is the new hotness. I even wrote an about page which caused me much mental anguish. And I added about forty quotes for the random quote code to nab from.

Also, the Twitter feed will stay. I’m loving the thing. I assumed it was going to be much like Facebook status updates (which I never use), but this is appealing once I got a desktop client that I just updated with development stuff as it entered into my mind.

Ironically, this post was a mirrored one.

on Mar 30, 2008
i just went to yr site Mittens........i didnt even know you had a site......are you sort of about gaming reviews and stuff?......i liked what i saw, but cant kind of work out what yr site is about......
on Mar 30, 2008
I never make a big to-do about any site redesigns I make.. Coded new one from scratch a week or two ago WWW Link

Looks good
on Mar 31, 2008
Love the look Purrball...