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War! Uh, What is It Good For!?
Published on June 3, 2004 By mittens In Action
My review of Battlefield: Vietnam has been posted over at FileFront, go take a look at it or die. As per the usual, here's the snippet:

A couple of years ago I stumbled onto a game called Battlefield 1942 at a LAN party. At first, I just wandered around the huge maps in awe of the amazing landscape, and how big the maps were. Then, as I got more people in the LAN to join me in a few rounds, the fun really picked up. We played BF1942 for about 8 straight hours, and had an absolute blast. The game’s explosions were way over-the-top, and had tires of jeeps flying miles into the air. The game had massive firefights when you have teams that each had 32 players on them. You had sniper fire coming at you from every which way, and planes flying over-top firing at you. It was war. It was hell. Now, the year is 2004, and after a couple expansion packs (Secret Weapons of World War II and Road to Rome) that were released for BF1942, publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and developer Dice have released a new battleground for us to wage war on in Battlefield: Vietnam. How does this new offering from EA fare? Does it match up to the supreme coolness that is Battlefield 1942? Let’s find out.

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