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A Whole Lotta Action!
Published on June 1, 2004 By mittens In Action finally got around to posting my Painkiller review. More reviews are sure to follow, as I have at least 2 or 3 more submitted. Anyyyyhoo, here's a snippet from the review:

If you’re looking for a deep shooter, with lots of strategic depth (like Deus Ex) or realism (like the Rainbow Six series), then you’ll definitely want to steer clear of Painkiller; this game is all about pulse-pounding action, and Painkiller has it in spades. From the moment you start this game up, until the moment you shut it down, it’s all about the action. There were moments in this game that actually had me sweating, and when I got a moment to breathe, I realized that my heart had taken to beating faster. That’s the sign of a good action game.

on Jun 04, 2007
Pls can you help me with Paintkiller Lounch ???? Meybe you are smarter then me in this think I have Problem, i instale game, i put crack in it but when i want to lounch the game computer automaticly throw an ERROR masage like this!!!


If you now what the problem is pls help me !!!

Sorry my english sux:)
on Jun 05, 2007
Cracked games tend to exhibit unfriendly errors.