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E3 2004 Preview
Published on May 13, 2004 By mittens In Action
Another one of my previews has been posted over at FileFront, this time it covers the expansion pack to Call of Duty called Call of Duty: United Offensive. Here's a snippet:

A year later, and it seems that Grey Matter Studios (developers of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the rather violent Kingpin) wants to bring players back to the battlegrounds of Europe in an expansion pack for Call of Duty entitled Call of Duty: United Offensive. In UO, you’ll once again be a soldier in the 101st Airborne, this time fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. In the Russian campaign you’ll be taking part in the Battle of Kursk. You’ll also step into the shoes of a British soldier once again, though Grey Matter is remaining tight-lipped about the details of the British campaign; though we do know that you will be a gunner for an airborne British bomber in a brutal dog-fight.

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